8 reasons why this is a happy 8th wedding anniversary:

Posted: September 6, 2010 in love, Me and people

8. Most delicious anniversary cake

7. She didn’t marry me for my money 🙂

6. Since the wedding night, even after having a baby or just while cleaning the house, she still has this ‘look’ that still so makes me feel lepidopteras in my middle abdomen region (butterflies in stomach).

5. She loves and raises my kids better than anyone ever could

4. She has intentionally become an even better wife and homemaker

3. She has the moral authority and character required to teach my daughter about being a pure and Godly woman

2. She is creative in finding ways to support me, encourage me and just plain love me even if it means calling me  up on my mistakes with kindness and love to  help me to be  a better man, father and even employee

1. I am totally sure God planned it like this; He wanted me to be with her for the rest of my life and I am definitely enjoying it

Happy anniversary my love!!!

  1. Jonathan says:

    Luis, you are a great husband and father. Thanks for your example.

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