This week’s rant: Love and respect in church and politics.

Posted: August 21, 2010 in Leadership, Me and people, Politics

This week I had the opportunity to witness somehow ambiguous yet heart-felt experiences.

First of all, I was almost brought to tears when I saw this group of soldiers who had just come back from combat operations singing loud and proud the American anthem. It was meaningful to me because I knew from previous conversations, of their discontent with the way this administration is handling some policy aspects in our country. Nevertheless, even as they respectfully gave hints of their disapproval, both openly and in conversations, they did not fall short of showing support to The President and the nation he represents.

Sadly, this goose bumps-causing event was contrasted with a person (in a different context) who publicly called President Obama a’ fool’. Of course many people bad-mouth the president and even call him names –it happens with every administration in both parties; but it is wrong. What saddens me is that although no one should do this, of all people, Christians should be the examples in proper respect to authorities. Such treatment to the president should not even be mentioned among people who claim to follow The Bible and God’s love. I can understand how someone would not approve of Mr Obama’s policies (I don’t), however, there is a thin line between disapproving of someone’s policies and philosophies (and actively attempting to change things by participating through the legal and acceptable means in the democratic system by sharing ideas and supporting other candidates) vs. unethical and even un-Biblical personal attacks.

Another unfortunate event reminded me of  a different aspect to this matter; when dealing with failures of leaders in church today. If we know for a fact that a pastor or church leader is involved in questionable acts (lying, slandering, abuse of authority etc), bad-mouthing and name calling is not the proper way nor the most beneficial for the church as a whole. We are to show respect to the office God has placed them in while not ignoring and Biblically dealing with sin and failures. If those proper channels (Matthew 18, accountability etc) don’t work, you can always find a new place or church to serve, so long as you are walking with God –From my own experience, I can tell you that God can bless such a step in a way much greater than imaginable.

There is a big sense of satisfaction and reward when you know you did things the right way whether the other party did or not. Of all people, we Christians are to be a good example of respect to authority. Whether politicians, pastors, bosses, coaches, teachers or policemen, they are in a position of authority and are to be respected. If disagreements arise, following the proper methods will always be a good example.

‘Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God” Romans 13

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