Religious tolerance or intolerance?

Posted: August 14, 2010 in Me and people, Politics

I have just about read 20 articles about the famous mosque controversy in New York this last week -from liberal publications like the Huffington Post and CNN to conservative ones like FoxNews.

Although, I personally think they shouldn’t -if for nothing else, just for common sense and good-will with the rest of the community, build this center so close to the site where a group of alleged representatives of the same religion, were responsible for killing almost 3,000 people, my conclusion is, based on my limited knowledge of law and policy, that there is nothing -legally speaking, that should or could be done to keep this group from building their Muslim center. It is legal, it is a free country and they have the right to build their center as much as any Christian to build a church or satanist to build a temple to Satan and so on.  Unlike many other countries such the ones they fled from, United States is a free country of law.

However, it seems to me that this is not a matter of legal vs. illegal, but right vs. wrong. Enforcement -or at the very least the suggestion of reconsidering a decision in spite of “rights”, should not only be applied to Christianity but to everyone else.

Of all the articles and opinions I have read, there is this one very accurate and balanced. I want to quote a few segments from it,  which hopefully will encourage you to read the full article:

For suffering the insult of seeing Muhammad portrayed as a violent bomber, incensed Muslims threatened violence and bombed Danish buildings in the name of the Prophet. Westergaard himself requires constant police protection and only escaped death in January by hiding from an assailant in a “panic room” within his home.

Only one religion’s extremist fringe, however, has a bloody track record of slaughtering humanitarian workers, murdering soccer fans, and putting hits out on political cartoonists. Hint: It’s not Christianity.

The insensitivity to those who still grieve over 9/11 aside, it takes a willful brand of myopia to not even consider that the choice of location for the mosque is not entirely innocent……it would be nice, just once, to see that tolerance and understanding flow in the other direction. Picking another site would be a great start.

Quotes taken from “Tolerance seems to flow in one direction” by Matthew Bastian


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