No more learning the Bible…

Posted: August 9, 2010 in Me and God, Me and people, Parenting, The Bible

It’s been a while since my last entry; business travel and other stuff have kept me busy. This morning however, something stirred my heart in a way that I can’t pass by at all: Nico’s prayer before his first day of school.

Last night, as I was putting the kids in bed, we finished up our series of stories through the book of Acts. The kids were very excited and asked for a recount of events that they enjoyed such as the promise of The Holy Spirit, the healed lame man and the snake that bit Paul. Then I pray for them, specially Nico as he goes today onto 1st grade, that he would learn, be kind and be protected.

This morning, as we waited in the van in the car-pool line for drop-off, Nico prayed and he said something that caught my attention: he mentioned something in the lines of “learning about Jesus in school”. I immediately thought in my mind: “No , buddy, no more learning about Jesus in school!”. For the last couple of years, he has been learning lots and lots of Bible things at a local church pre-school program. He was blessed enough to have awesome awesome teachers who, not only taught him academic stuff, but also the Word of God in a consistent fun way… He learned a lot, but now, that’s about to change.

No more learning the Bible at school, no more prayers initiated by the teacher, no more ‘we-all-love-Jesus’ environment; this is the real world!,

welcome to public school!.

It may sound frightening, but it is not. It is actually, in a way, Nico’s graduation from a ‘somehow sheltered season in life’ where he was surrounded by Christians, to what more closely reflects the world we live in. A world where, in his own words, some people choose to obey Jesus and some people choose not to. Now, in a sense, he is going from being a disciple to being a light on this world. From learning about kindness to showing kindness to others who may not know Jesus.. and gain them to His kingdom…

…he has started a ‘life in the world, without being of this world’.

…welcome to Christian life!

I am proud, I am excited and I am expectant to see how God will use him to impact others lives. In the meantime, we pray God for grace and wisdom to continue raising him in the fear of God. As a friend of mine said:

Yes, we are homeschooling; and also, we are sending them to public school

As Jonathan touched on yesterday at Graystone (What a great service by the way), it comes a time in life where we need to grow up, a time to move from milk to solid food, a time to move from getting to giving to others.


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