Why should anyone bother voting today?

Posted: July 20, 2010 in Me and people, Politics

Perhaps today you are off on vacation enjoying your summer; perhaps you are already at the office or shop or making sales calls trying to make the buck for the day. May be, you are at home with your kids facing another stay-home-play-with-kids-do-chores routine. I don’t know if you have chosen to seclude yourself till midnight to spend time praying and studying The Bible or may be go to the doctor for a dreaded medical procedure. Whatever you are doing today, why should you even consider voting in this Georgia primaries for governor, Congress, all the statewide offices and every seat in the state Legislature.?

There are several reasons –some more important than others. Please consider this few off the top of my head:

  1. If you voted for Obama and still are happy with his performance, or didn’t but now you like him, you want to make sure that a similar story is repeated and therefore help to bring to power, or at least to the final election, the candidate you think fits best your ideas and philosophy of government.
  2. If you didn’t vote for Obama and now you know you were right or did vote for him but now are disappointed, same deal, now is your time to make a difference in the initial process of the local elections.
  3. Someone very wisely put it: “If you don’t vote, you can’t complain”. (i.e.: Should Snellville allow Sunday alcohol sales?)
  4. Our legal system gives you the privilege of being part of the decision making process and may be, some day you will feel proud of yourself as your elected candidate passes some good legislation you agree with.
  5. In the simplest way and in a very general sense, legislation seem to go in the way of the majority; if most voters are football lovers, chances are the politicians will issue legislations will favor football activities; if most voters are avid readers, very likely the politicians will pass  legislations in favor of reading and academics; if most voters are environmentalist, well, the people in charge will work for the environment. You get the idea. When you vote, your policy philosophy is collected with others to create a trend in policy making. What group or idea do you want to dominate? Sports? Education, Biblical values, social justice, more taxes, more welfare, less government control, less government accountability, more gay and lesbian rights, less prayer in schools, more Islam in schools, less church permits and so on. Only those taking the time to vote get to participate in these decisions.
  6. Not only voting, but participating actively in a campaign will give you a sense of social belonging, goals achievement  and an opening of your mind to understanding issues, sources and variance in ideas.
  7. The God angle. Last but not least, if you are a Christian, you may get a chance to share The Gospel with someone as you wait in line (Matthew 28:18-20). Also, God wants you to obey the law of the land (Rom 13); it’s the right thing to do -and in this land, the political process invites us to participate in the decision of who is put in charge.

So, do the right thing. Don’t leave your kids abandoned or get fired or sin so that you can vote, BUT, if the choice is between voting and watching tv, having a relaxed day or not bothering yourself, the priorities are clear.

Learn who is running, pray about it, ask your friends and make a decision. Not everything that is said on tv or commercials is entirely true, but if we do a good job in investigating and listening to each side’s arguments, we will perhaps, be able to make a fair decision (“Plans are established by counsel…” Prov 20:18)

These links below provide a summary of some of the candidates in Georgia:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


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