Judging and de-friending

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Me and people

So, continuing with my bragging-on-my-encounters-with-famous-people string, my next story saw its development in the heart of Atlanta at one of its historical and cultural land-marks: The Varsity.

As I was in the Varsity’s main entrance, waiting for  a friend  I was meeting for lunch, I saw this ‘guy’ walking in front of  me who caught my attention; a regular fellow in his late forties getting ready to perhaps meet someone and have a good healthy lunch like anybody else there. I got the impression he was perhaps a labor worker or truck driver , very tired looking, not the most ‘cleaned up’ guy but still he had this slight resemblance to, yes, Mr. Chris Tomlin. (If you don’t know who Chris Tomlin is, well, think of him as the Toby Keith of Christian music –kind of.)

Anyway, I looked and looked and was amazed on how much this poor guy could have been Chris Tomlin, just if he was twenty years younger, took a shower and haircut and stopped by The Gap for a new hip wardrobe.  So, I let it go, continued with my life, met my friend and got in line to order my food.

As I was in the line and almost at the counter just about to hear the “what’ll ya’ have?”, I turned around and there he was, the too-beat-up-to-be-but remotely-looked-like-Chris-Tomlin guy was behind me. Now I was doubting…. I asked him: “Are you Chris….” –he gently interrupted me: “..Tomlin?”, “Yes, I am!”. Ohh my!, what a mistake in judgment I had made!! He was indeed Mr multiple-Dove-award Chris Tomlin and I almost couldn’t recognize him. In my defense, he had just returned the previous night from his Passion world tour and was jet lagged… that explains it.:)

But now that we mention mistakes in judgment, imagine if I had decided NOT to listen to his music anymore because he didn’t look as sharp as usual? Would that be silly? What about refusing help from a doctor just because he prescribes Aspirin and not Tylenol for headaches? What about not reading any more books from your so-far-favorite author just because he had lunch with some famous person you don’t like? What about burning all of your favorite artist cd’s because he/she shared platform in a concert with someone you don’t approve of? What about criticizing and de-friending a long-time-known fellow Christian because they are listening or going to a church that “I heard is ‘Emergent'”?

I hope I’m driving this in a way that makes sense because this is a huge topic often going through my head: When is it right to remove support or refuse attention (or even cut a friendship) from someone we admire or follow because of some ‘thing’ that happened? What justifies to continues or finish a relationship after a mistake or apparent mistake has taken place?

My thoughts about this and more about my friendship with Chris, in the second part (click here)

  1. Angela says:

    you forgot to tell all your readers about your comment to Chris Tomlin about “tithing and church planting”

  2. yeah, that’s part of the second installment.

  3. eric says:

    that’s funny…….cool story!

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