Judging and de-friending (part 2)

Posted: July 11, 2010 in Me and people

So, in my previous post, I shared how by letting my sight be the driver of my judgment, I made a huge mistake in mis-identifying a famous person; Chris Tomlin. I also pointed out to that never ending question in  my mind: “What makes the right reason to end a relationship?”;   more specifically, what kind of ‘mistakes’ from a person of influence justifies personal ‘ex-communion’? Before we dive into that, let us consider two key definitions:

Judging: We all judge. Judgment happens every time a mother decides to pull her kid away from the playground before the bully kid hurts him or when the father tells his daughter not to go out with the head of the ‘Heart breakers Club’. Judgment happens every time you look through the door-hole before you open it to a stranger. Every time we analyze and quantify some one’s actions in order to determine whether they can be harmful or helpful to us, that is a ‘judgment’ –or better described by the word ‘discerment’. This type of judgment is not only good and practical but commanded to us by God for our own benefit. (i.e.: Matthew 7:16, 1 Cor 14: 29, 1 Corinthians 6, 1 Cor 5:3¸1 Cor 5:12). This is not to be confused with the type of judging that we are NOT supposed to de which Bible verse everyone quotes –even non Christians, when  you confront them with their bad stuff; that condemnation and sentencing of motives only  belongs to God.

Furthermore, the Bible instructs us to be very jealous and careful with what type of ‘teaching’ or ‘doctrine’ we receive and warns us that there are many ill-intended people (and spiritual forces) who will attempt to ‘deceive’ us and lead us astray in regards to our relationship with God and men or at the very least, to steal our money. Any leader and “normal-looking Christians” could potentially be instrument of the enemy to mislead us (i.e.: Acts 20: 29, 1 Tim 4: 1, 1 Tim 6:20-21, 2 Peter 2:1-3, Peter 2:20, 2 Cor 11:12-15 ). In fact, Paul writes that even if an Angel appears to you preaching anything different than what we have written in the Bible, we are not to follow it. (Galatians 1:8-9)

Doctrine: Fancy-sounding word that describes a set of values or believes. The Bible teaches us to follow ‘sound doctrine’ and not to follow ‘false doctrine’. But, what is sound doctrine? Obviously, what is sound doctrine for me may not be sound doctrine for someone else who disagrees with my doctrine. The fact that personal interpretation comes into play, may cause us to subjectively biased. The question is: what makes core doctrine and .. who is right? Baptists and their ‘gifts-are-ceased’ theology or Pentecostals and their ‘got-to-speak-in-tongues’ one?, Catholics and their ‘honor-the-virgin’ or Mormons and their ‘you-are-a-little-god’?, Calvinists and their ‘once-saved-always-saved’ or Armenians and their ‘keep-the-faith-to-he-end’?, Muslims and their ‘Jesus-was-just-a-prophet’ or  Methodists and their ‘Jesus-is-the-only-way’?, worship with hymns or worship with smog and PowerPoint? Who is right and who is wrong and why should we care? What should we do about it? When is de-friending beneficial or required?

I don’t know where you may be in the large spectrum of these ideas; (Actually, I may if my wife is the only one who reads this 🙂 ), nor am I going to give my opinion in any of them in this post.

Evidently, although there are certain things that the Bible commands us to be very jealous about and to be very watchful for, I don’t think every one of the issues I mentioned plus the other thousand of issues we argue about would always warrant a drastic action in our part. We read in the Bible, “Watch out for false prophets like wolves..” well, who is a false prophet? What do I do if I meet one?

As I noted in the previous post, maybe there are actions that Chris Tomlin could have done that day we met at The Varsity that would have led me to decide: “I won’t listen to his music anymore” , However looking tired and jet lagged was definitely NOT one of them. (==> click here for the 3rd part)

  1. Brittany Yancey says:

    Enjoyed reading your 2 part on this topic. We are actually going throught this exact thing at church right now (Matthew 7). I always enjoy your insight (and your lovely wife’s) on things.

  2. […] My thoughts about this and more about my friendship with Chris, in the second part (click here) […]

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